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This is the new EP by Vague Existence, entitled ‘Blizzard of Ashes’…you can grab it from this permanent location. There are four songs of damp chime, bass pound and drum machine vogue. Vague Existence is Adam (the drummer what played in Burning Sensation) and I. It was recorded one afternoon while Adam was visiting San […]

Whalehammer and Splendid Friends at Subterranean Party

Footage of Whalehammer slaying at a party at Wooshie and co’s house in Perth, Western Australia. It was held by Camryn for his release of their CD ‘Subterranean’ on his label Farmer Frontier. The year, 2008. The party was great. For a couple of minutes it actually sounds like they’re playing a ‘song’. Thanks to […]

Extortion – San Francisco House Show – 25.1.09